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Plan your trip to South America from choosing your destination to packing your bags, with information about required documents, health and safety, tours and specialized travel, reservation help, and travel and packing tips.
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Before you travel to South America
Before you travel to South America here are a few things to consider.

Top Documentaries About South America
The best documentaries about South America

Where to Visit in Argentina
Don't miss these places in Argentina when you plan your trip.

The Best Cities for Night Life in South America

Top 10 South America Tourist Destinations
Top travel sites to visit in South America

What to do in South America in March 2013
March is a busy month in South America, plan your trip around these great holidays and festivals.

Top Beach Destinations in South America
The best beaches in South America

South America Topping 2013 Travel Picks Lists
The best places to vacation this year are in South America.

South America's Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Travel to the top UNESCO sites in South America.

Book A Tour to South America
South America is a huge continent, offering the visitor a wealth of sightseeing opportunities. Tour agencies have developed itineraries enabling you to see as much as possible in as little time as possible. How do you know which tour operator is right for you?

Virtual Atacama
"The coastal Atacama desert is the driest in the world and almost totally barren. The landscape of the moon offers an obvious comparison except that the Atacama has as its backdrop the towering Andes which block tropical storms from the Amazon Basin to the east."

Virtual Tour of the Galapagos Archipelago
The islands lie in the Pacific Ocean about 1,000 km from the South American coast and straddle the Equator. There are 13 large islands, 6 smaller ones and 107 islets and rocks, with a total land area of about 8,000 square kilometres. The islands are volcanic in origin and several volcanos to the west of the archipelago are still very active.

From Ecuador to the Atacama
The Inca empire extended out from Cuzco, the capital city of the empire, north to what is now Quito, into parts of Bolivia and south into the Atacama. The organized, orderly life of the Incas was disrupted and demolished by the conquistadores, who had their vision fixed on accumulating gold and silver. However, enough remains in the ruins and archaeological sites to fascinate the experts a…

Spectacular Angel Falls
At 979 meters (3230 feet) with an uninterrupted drop of 807 meters (2663 ft), Angel Falls is sixteen times the height of Niagara Falls.

A canopy of green spreads over a 2,030,000 square mile ecosystem that includes the Amazon River Amazon Forest (the largest and densest rainforest in the world) and upwards of five million animal species.

Plan Your First Trip to South America
Plan Your First Trip to South America with advice, tips and resources from getting your travel documents, choosing your destinations, travel operators, travel options, to preparing yourself for travel.

South America: Never Out of Season
No matter when you plan your travels in South America, you'll have a wide choice of climates and destinations. Here's an at-a-glance tip sheet for when to go where.

First Time VisitorsTravel Planner
Look at this illustrated index first to plan your trip. You'll find things to do before you leave, travel planning tips, destinations, top attractions, photo gallery, plus hundreds of pages of information about the countries you'll want to visit.

Four Ways to Enjoy South America
Try these suggestions for something new on your next trip to South America. You'll find suggestions for the Amazon, Patagonia and Antartica.

Guide and Travel Books about South America
There are dozens of fine guide and travel books written by and for visitors to South America. Here you'll find some books covering South America as a whole, some brand new issues, some old favorites.

Honeymooning in South America
Plan your honeymoon in South America and choose from romantic tropical beaches, cosmopolitan cities with luxurious accommodations, shared adventure, out of the ordinary festivals, spectacular scenery, cruises, and other choices for a fabled trip of a lifetime.

Horseback Adventures in South America
Becoming more and more popular, horseback tours, whether progam or customised, easy or rugged, elemental or luxury, are a great way of seeing the countryside. Here you can explore Patagonia, the Andes, cloud forests and pampas, well-known attraction or hidden treasure in many South American countries.

Immersion Language Programs in South America
Immerse yourself in a language program: learn the language, culture and have fun! Choose individual, group or customized intensive courses in various countries.

South America Guide to Tipping
Guidelines to help with the questions of how much to whom and where. Your feedback is welcome.

Spas and Hot Springs of South America
Think of a spa vacation, either on its own or as part of your next trip to South America. Relax with a full service spa resort, or dip into a mountain hot springs after a day of trekking, hiking, climbing or biking. Aah...

Travel Planners for South America
First time or experienced traveler, here's the information you need!

Where in South America?
Where in South America would you go to see specific attractions? Pretend you're a travel agent and see if your recommendations fit the bill. Test your skills and see if you know where to find pink dolphins, the Inca trail, gold artifacts, fly fishing and duty-free shopping.

Casino Rating System
How are the South American casinos rated? Ratings, based on non-gaming factors, range from 1-5, with five stars being the most fully-rounded complete experience.

South America Travel Apps - Porteño Spanish Review
Argentina Spanish travel app

Spring 2011 Events in South America
South America's Spring 2011 Events

The Ultimate Hiking Experiences in South America
The best hiking trails in South America

Ecuador - A Non-Adventurers Itinerary
An Ecuador itinerary for people who don't like to hike.

Best Museums in South America
The best museums in South America

The Seven Natural Wonders of South America
The great natural wonders in South America

South America Travel Movies
Great movies that will inspire you to travel South America

South America Travel Apps - Word Lens Review
A review of the popular Word Lens travel app

Where to go in South America in November
With fewer crowds finds out where to go in South America in November

Tours, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies for South American Travel
Tour Operators from A-Z, specialized tours, tour operators, discount travel, and related touring resources.

Visas, Passports, Consulates and Embassies in South America
Travel requirements, consulate and embassy information, required documents, marriage abroad and legal information.

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