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Top 8 Comfort Travel Items


Traveling long hours by airplane from your home to South America can be uncomfortable, cramped and resting difficult. Try some of these lightweight and comforting items to help you during flight, and once you land, as you travel about the spectacular continent of South America.

1. Body Form Memory Foam Travel Pillow A Softer Alternative To TEMPUR PEDIC

"The Body Form Pillow is constructed using a contoured design. It supports the head and neck in a manner that keeps them in alignment with the rest of the spine. The Body Form Pillow is manufactured with visco-elastic foam (memory foam). The foam is temperature and pressure sensitive. This ability of the foam allows the pillow to mold to any size or shaped neck and head ensuring correct neck and head alignment for everyone."
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2. Silk Sleep Mask

"Generously stuffed with soft cotton batting, Gaiam's exclusive Silk Sleep Mask prevents light from coming through so you experience a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. Covered in untreated organic cotton on inner face and elegant raw silk on outer side, it's as beautiful as it is functional. Adjustable cotton/spandex strap. Spot clean. 4"H x 10"W x ½"D. USA."
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3. Eagel Creek Custom Lumbar Pillow

Custom comfort. Just depress the Air Flow valve to adjust the pillow to your ideal softness and support. Effortless inflation. Gently blow a few puffs into the valve to inflate. It's self sealing - nothing to close. Easy deflation.
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4. Back Gel Wrap

"Our exclusive glycerin/water-based Gel Wraps provide cooling comfort to areas where pain and pressure often strike. Back Gel Wrap contours around trouble areas in your lower back and provides light pressure to ease inflammation. Freeze for 30 minutes or place in the microwave for heat therapy. Velcro® straps hold each securely in place; unbleached cotton twill covers are machine washable. USA. "

5. Travel Buddies - Kids Travel Neck Pillow

Travel Buddies children's neck pillows are designed to comfortably support sleepy heads on planes, trains, and automobiles.
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6. PlaneWrap Disposable Slippers

Slip on to protect feet when taking shoes off during airport security checks. Avoid contact with heavily trodden airport pathways that can be breeding grounds for foot fungi. Comes in packs of 10 pairs.
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7. DreamSack Travel Blanket

"We’ve all read about unsanitary airplane blankets, but who wants to carry along a bulky blanket? The DreamSack Travel Blanket is the perfect solution! Made of 100% raw silk, it’s as warm as a regular blanket, yet takes up far less space. A 10” pocket at the bottom keeps feet toasty, and the entire blanket rolls up and tucks into a 12 x 4” pouch that you can toss in your carry-on bag. Hand or machine wash; air dry. (72 x 43”; 13 oz)"
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8. Travel Blankets

Picnic packs, fleece blankets, blanket sets, and other choices.
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