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Plan Your Trip to South America


Plan your trip to South America from choosing your destination to packing your bags, with information about required documents, health and safety, tours and specialized travel, reservation help, and travel and packing tips.
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Airlines and airports, cruises, busses, tours and tour operators, rental cars, subways: all the ways to get transportation to and around in South America. Remember to check each country's trip planning section.

Tours, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

Tour Operators offer specialized tours, package deals, discount travel, and related touring resources. Many of these agencies offer tours to mulitple destinations. Be sure to check the touring opportunities for the cities and regions of the country you are planning to visit.


Required passports and visas for individual South American countries, travel requirements, consulate and embassy information, marriage abroad and relocation or immigration information.


Plan your travels in South America with these maps, weather reports and natural events.

Keeping Healthy

Facts and tips about jet lag, acclimatization to the altitude, food and water precautions, diarrhea, insect repellants, malaria, Dengue fever, cholera, Chagas disease, hepatitis, medical insurance, innoculations and additional health information.

Keeping Safe

Danger zones, traveler warnings and safety issues, plus tips to avoid theft and protect yourself while traveling.

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