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Popoyan, Colombia

Attractions, tourism, sightseeing, geography, history, art, culture, sports, recreation and practical facts about Popayan, a beautiful colonial city.

Pasto Photo Gallery

City scapes, the countryside, churches, people and Pasto by night.

Popayan, Colombia

This charming town, nestled in a serene valley setting, is one of Colombia's most beautiful colonial towns with a rich religious and cultural heritage. Fully restored after an earthquake, it's a national monument and known for its spectacular Semana Santa celebrations.

La Colombie: Popayan et le département de Cauca

Descriptions, geography, economy, native peoples, cuisine and more in French.

Popayan Area

Thumbnails of the city and surrounding area with larger images but no descriptions.

Popayan Bed and Breakfast Inns

Pictures, rates, and amenities.

Popayan de mis amores

Descriptions, beautiful images, cuisine, attractions and more from a fan.


Photos, practical information and some details about the Semana Santa celebrations, in Italian.

Popayan: Cuatro Siglos de Pasion

History of the town including leading citizens, celebrations, particularly those of Semana Santa, Holy Week.

Popayán (Colombia)

Meaning of the name, patriotic facts, history, things to do and see in the area.

Popayan: Ciudad de Ensoñación

Article about the city, includes some hisotry, photos, details of reconstructions and the "meaning" of the city to its residents.

Popayán (Cauca, Colombia)

Photos, descriptions, practical facts, attractions and more info about this city on the Colombian national historic registry.
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