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Recipes from Bolivia

Avocados and papayas from the Coroico Valley are typical fruits grown in the tropical regions of Bolivia. They are balanced by the Andean cuisine of potatoes, including frozen potatoes called chuño, corn, grains and spicy dishes.

A Bolivian Menu

Picante de Pollo, (Chicken in a Spicy Sauce ) Chuletas de cerdo en salsa de naranja y pimiento (Pork chops in orange-pepper sauce ) and Cocadas (Coconut Macaroons) for dessert, with comments from the cook.

Aji De Carne

Bolivian Peppery Pork with Banana, with chiles, molasses, onions, spices and salad greens.

Aymara Cooking Recipes

Halpa Waika and Caldo de Fideo from Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca.

Bolivia Recipes at Food Down Under Recipe Database

Traditional recipes for aji, humintas, fricase and spicy chicken.

Bolivia Web - Recipes Gallery - Index

Entrees, pastries, desserts, drinks, and side dishes.


Appetizers, entrees, salads, desserts and beverages in English and Spanish.

Chairo Paceño

This beef, lamb and vegetable stew uses of chuño, or frozen potatoes, in the preparation.

El sabor de Bolivia - Recetas de comida boliviana

Weekly recipes, nutrition, practical cooking tips and more about Bolivian cuisine. In Spanish.

Recetas de Comida Boliviana

Appetizeers, entrees and desserts, in Spanish.


Although named for an area in Argentina, these empanadas are a favorite Bolivian snack.
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