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Top 5 Getting to Know Rio de Janeiro Guides


If you're going to Rio for business or leisure, and you want to see more of the city than beaches and the famous landmarks, spectacular as they are, check out the tips and advice in these books. You'll find maps, nightlife, shopping, people watching, safety advice and a tremendous amount of good information (from Amazon.com) about the cidade maravilhosa.

1. Rio for Partiers: The Twenty Something's Guide to Rio de Janeiro

by Cristiano Nogueira: Slanted to the young, there's tons of useful information for adults of all ages, including "what to take with you, what not to take with you, a list of hotels and hostels, what transport to use and why, things you need to buy once you get there, what to do at the beach, which parts of the city to avoid, problems of street traders, pickpockets and other criminals, even advice on how to find a partner."

2. Lonely Planet Rio De Janeiro

"Surfers and socialites frolic on sun-soaked beaches. Samba and bossa nova beats drift along historic streets. A soccer crowd unleashes a resounding cheer. The pulse of Rio de Janeiro is always racing. Whether you're searching for the world's biggest carnival or the planet's tiniest bikinis, this smart, streetwise and stylish guide will connect you to the sexiest city in the Americas."

3. The Single Man's Pocket Travel Guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

by J.P. Dan: "This exciting new and unique guide contains the addresses, telephone numbers and important details about the nightlife, hot spots and travel information single men need on their next vacation to Rio de Janeiro."

4. Rio de Janeiro (Writer and the City)

by Ruy Castro: The fifth book in Bloomsbury's the Writer and the City series is no dry travelogue, dutifully reciting the requisite tourist attractions and eating and drinking establishments. Castro...conveys Rio's jeito, or indefinable spirit, in a way that no traditional travel book could ever do."

5. Berlitz Rio De Janeiro (Berlitz Pocket Guides)

by by Ken Bernstein, Chris Pickard, Tony Halliday (Editor): "Packed with stunning photographs, easy-to-use maps, and all the information you really need to get the most from your visit! In this compact guide, our writers help you plan itineraries for short and longer stays. Complete with must-see sights on and off the beaten track as well as current hotel and restaurant recommendations. And the convenient size of the guide allows you to take it along in your pocket or handbag."
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