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Soccer / Futbol / Futebol

South America's grand passion: the sport of futbol, futebol, or soccer, as it's known to English speaking fans. The teams, the countries, the players, the championships - all here.

Futebol / Futbol: The Beautiful Game

From tiny kid to World Cup champions, futbol or futebol, or soccer, is more than South America's favorite sport. It's South America's passion!

South America's Schedule for 2006 World Cup Germany

Check the beginning schedule for Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay as 2006 World Cup Germany matches begin on June 9, 2006.

Futbol, Futebol or Soccer Gear

Soccer gear, equipment, instruction, clothing, games and videos for the player, coach, club, referee, parent and fan.

World Soccer

About's Gudie to Wrold Soccer has the rules of the game, history, championships and results, plus tips for fans of the sport.

FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup in 2008

Updates, news, photos, videos, team standings, results and more from Chillan, Coquimbo, Santiago and Temuco, Chile.

360 Soccer

All about South American soccer, futebol, futbol: teams, tournaments and cups, leagues and links to soccer sites.


"CONMEBOL or CSF (CONfederación SudaMEricana de FútBOL, South American Football Confederation) is the governing body of football in most of South America."

COLOMBIA.COM: Copa Libertadores 2004

Cali team, with team information, players, history, schedule and results.

Copa America Venezuela 2007

All the action of the 2007 series of games, all played in Venezuela, with schedules, venues, results, player statistics and news.

Copa América 2007

"The Copa América 2007 is the 42nd edition of the Copa América, the main international football tournament for South America. It is organized by CONMEBOL, South America's football governing body, and is set to be held in Venezuela between June 26 and July 15, 2007, being the first time that Venezuela will hold the tournament. The winner may represent CONMEBOL at the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup."

El Fútbol Como Metáfora

Soccer as a metaphor: article, in Spanish.

Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol

Soccer news, schedules, leagues, results, interviews and photos.


FIFA is the International Federation of Football Associations administering the game for millions of players worldwide.


Futebol, Clubes de Futebol, Jogadores de Futebol, Torneios de Futebol, Associações de Futebol, Notícia de Futebol, Informação de Futebol, Football Information, Clubs, teams, players, championships and more info about futebol/futbol, soccer throughout the world.

Germany 2006 : Host Country

Avout Germany, plus interviews, news, updates, preparations for the events and more.

Latin American Sport

Keep up with soccer/futbol, racing, tennis, baseball, volleyball, skiing, and many more sports.

Live Scores for South American Championships

Scores with links to others, plus gaming opportunities.

Skill and scandal: Maradona's turbulent career

Timeline of Maradona's life from birth to hospitalization in 2004.

Soccer Club Logos and Links

Click on a country, then on a league or soccer club for specific details.

Soccer Gaming

Console and management games, FIFA sites (look under "Foreign Sites" for South American FIFA sites)plus news about soccer gaming.

The Official Soccer Site

Laws of the Game for Officials, Referees, Players, and Fans

World Cup 2006 -June 9 - July 9

Finalists, match schedules, officials, news and standings from the Essex Olympian Football League.

World Cup History Results

Results from 1930 to the present - notice how South American teams predominate!


Top 5 Team Blogs, World Cup Team Blogs, news, chats, commentary for the event billed as 32 Teams, 64 Games, One Prize.
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