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Top 10 Popular Restaurants in São Paulo, Brazil


The city of São Paulo is the capital of the Brazilian state of São Paulo, in southeastern Brazil. Covering an area 3,108 sq. miles large (8,051 sq. km) comprising 39 autonomous cities, the city has a population of approximately 20 million.

The city is the stage for the main fairs and trade events in the country, therefore attracting considerable national and international public. In addition to business, São Paulo offers some of the best museums and restaurants in Brazil.

1. Acqua Benedicta

62 Rua da Matriz, Embu, Sao Paulo, 6846240 Brazil
Cuisine: American & Caribbean
Open Hours: 10a-11p

Known for its different kinds of cachaca, a popular sugarcane-based spirit and spicy food.

2. Restaurante Antiquário Patacão

95 Rua Joaquim Santana, Embu, Sao Paulo, 6846240 Brazil
Cuisine: South Americn, spicy
Open Hours: 12:30p-11p

Expensive, but worth it.

3. Souto Maior

70 Rua Anita Malfati, Embu, Sao Paulo, 6846240 Brazil
Cuisine: South Americn, spicy
Open Hours: 11:30a-11:30p

Small, local favorite doubling as an art gallery

4. Le Coq Hardy

Rua Jerônimo da Veiga, 461, Itaim Bibi, Sao Paulo, 04536-001 Brazil
Cuisine: Classic French
Open Hours: M-F noon-2:30a, Sa 7p-1a, 7p-1a

Piano bar, an elegantly decorated dining room and a superb wine cellar. At lunchtime there is a fixed price menu that includes a glass of Bordeaux.

5. Antiquarius

Alameda Lorena 1884, Jardim Paulista, Avenida Paulista
Cuisine: Portguese
Open Hours: Mon 7pm-1am; Tues-Fri noon-3pm and 7pm-1am; Sat noon-2am; Sun noon-6pm

"Antiquarius offers the perfect elegant setting to savor Portuguese cuisine served up with style and tradition. The menu offers dishes that are hard to find outside Portugal."

6. Jun Sakamoto

Rua Lisboa 55 Pinheiros - Zona Oeste, Avenida Paulista
Cuisine: Sushi, Japanese
Open HOurs: Mon-Thurs 6:30pm-12:30am; Fri-Sat 7pm-1am

"The setting is modern with wood and metal decorations, and the large sushi bar dominates the room."

7. Figueira Rubaiyat

Rua Haddock Lobo 1738, Jardins Cuisine: Brazilian, Steak Open Hours: Mon-Thurs noon-3:30pm and 7pm-midnight; Fri noon-3:30pm and 7pm-1am; Sat noon-1am; Sun noon-midnight

"The menu specializes in a la carte meats; most of the beef, chicken and other meats served at the Rubaiyat are home-grown at the owner's fazenda (cattle ranch), ensuring that the quality is always yop notch."

8. Mestiço

Rua Fernando de Albuquerque 277 - Consolação, Avenida Paulista
Cuisine: Bahian, Thai Open Hours: Sun-Mon 11:45am-midnight; Tues-Thurs 11:45am-1am; Fri-Sat 11:45am-2am

"This little restaurant is run by a woman from Bahia and her partner from Thailand -- each brings her own culinary traditions to bear in the cuisine."

9. Santa Gula

Rua Fidalga, 340 Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo
Cuisine: Italian
Open Hours: Mon 8pm-midnight; Tues-Thurs noon-3pm and 8pm-1am; Fri-Sat noon-4pm and 8pm-2am; Sun noon-5pm

"One of the quaintest restaurants in São Paulo, Santa Gula is located in the backyard of an old house.The kitchen serves up a mix of Italian and Brazilian flavors."

10. Veridiana

Rua da Veridiana 661 - Higienópolis, Higienópolis
Cuisine: Pizza (upscale)
Open HOurs: Sun-Thurs 6pm-12:30am; Fri-Sat 1pm-1:30am

"The menu offers pizza at its most traditional -- thin crusts, and just a few quality ingredients per pizza. The grande (R$25-R$35/US$8.25-US$12) serves two people and you can order different combos on each half of the pizza."

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