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Travel planning, tourism, sightseeing, geography, sports, culture and practical tips for the coast and the rain forests of tropical Suriname.
  1. Maps of Suriname

Traditional Food of Suriname
Discover the most traditional food of Suriname and what you must eat when you're visiting the country.

Suriname for Visitors
Tropical rainforests and a trek to Mount Kasikasima are only two of the country's attractions.

Suriname Fact Page
Introduction to the country through demographics, history, geography, economy, transnational issues and other facts.

Suriname and USA Embassy / Consulate Information
Addresses, telephone numbers and web sites for the embassy of Suriname in Washington D.C. and the USA Embassy in Paramaribo.

City List for Suriname
Click on a city for destination information or click on a hotel for rates, amenities and online booking. From Kayak.

Cuisine of Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas and Suriname
The cuisine of South America stems from a variety of cultural backgrounds, available produce, foods and cooking styles. You'll find local favorites varying from country to country, even within regions, but you'll also find international favorites and the ubiquitous fast food places.

Surinamese Recipes
Translations for some of the recipes of Suriname.

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