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What to Do and See in South America


So many things to do and see! How can you choose what suits you best? Consult these resources for top destinations, local attractions, recommended sightseeing, photo galleries, plus sports and recreational activities.
  1. Top Destinations
  2. Major Cities
  3. Beach Resorts
  4. Sports and Recreational Activities

Top Destinations

These are the must-sees in South America. Scenic beauty, natural wonders, great beaches, sophisticated cities, archaeological splendors, and mysterious sites await your travel in South America.

Major Cities

Capitals, vibrant city life, local attractions, nightlife and cultural attractions draw visitors to these cities of South America.

Beach Resorts

Broad sandy beaches, sports, resort areas, nighlife and beach fun at these well-known and popular beaches.

Sports and Recreational Activities

Trekking, hiking, climbing, skiing, surfing and white water rafting bring many visitors to South America, but there are many more sports and recreational actiivies to enjoy while traveling.

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