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Cruce de Lagos - Lake Crossing to and from Chile and Argentina


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Day 1 : Puerto Montt to Peulla, Chile
Puerto Montt Chile

Puerto Montt Chile


The lake crossing between the lake districts of Chile and Argentina is an all-season trip that thousands of visitors enjoy every year. It involves both road and lake crossings, with scenic vistas of Andean mountain peaks, waterfalls and wildlife.

The complete trip takes two days, with an overnight stay along the way. Tours include all the transport, the accommodations and most of the meals. The schedule may be affected by adverse weather, so it's best to leave your timing flexible. There is an optional one day crossing available from the tour companies mentioned in the resource pages for Puertp Montt or Bariloche.

The trip from Chile into Argentina begins with an 8 am departure by bus from Puerto Montt to Puerto Varas, called the city of flowers. Orient yourself with this map. The trip takes less than an hour.

Puerto Varas shows its German heritage in architecture, gardens and customs, and is worth a visit on its own, but you won't have time to enjoy the city and its attractions before you begin the next phase of the trip.

To follow the route from Argentina to Chile, make this trip in reverse. Start with Step 10 and click backwards.

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