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Uruguayan Art, Culture and Entertainment

Literature, gauchos, music, dance, sports, recreation, entertainment, education, and food and drink in Uruguay.

Cuisine of Paraguay, Uruguay and the Falkland Islands

The cuisine of South America stems from a variety of cultural backgrounds, available produce, foods and cooking styles. You'll find local favorites varying from country to country, even within regions, but you'll also find international favorites and the ubiquitous fast food places.

List of Uruguayans

This list of famous Uruguayans includes politicians, art and entertainment figures and others.

Jose Gervasio Artigas

José Gervasio Artigas is revered as Uruguay's greatest national hero. Called the Primer Jefe de los Orientales and Primer estadista de la Revolución del Río de la Plata, (First Leader of the Orientales and first statesman of the Rio de la Plata Revolution,) Artigas was born in Montevideo on June 19, 1764.

Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria

The festival, sometimes lasting days, is a mix of Christian and pagan religions and is celebrated in Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Venezuela on February 2.

3 Medios

Skating, surfing and skydiving site.


Surf site with live cam photos and weather.

Cabalgando Letras

Sayings Uruguayan-isms and literature.


Lively Afro-Uruguayan music site dedicated to this cultural facet of Uruguay. Listen to the audio clips.

Caza y Pesca

Hunt for dove, duck, pigeon and perdiz (partridge) and pheasant or fish in Uruguay.

Club de Canotaje IPE

Canoeing and kayaking club page.

Don Moore's Uruguayan Journal

Wonderful information about Uruguayan radio and food.

El Carnaval de Montevideo

Con una larga historia detrás que se remota por lo menos a mediados del siglo XIX, se dice que el Carnaval uruguayo (1) es el más largo del mundo (40 días). Si bien su desarrollo se extiende a todo el país con importantes eventos en varias ciudades del interior, las principales actividades se realizan en Montevideo.

El Gaucho

A study of the gaucho origins way of life physical descriptions etc. Fascinating. In spanish.

Fórmula 3 Sudamericana

Racing inforamtion for Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil.

Mario Benedetti

Poems stories photos and profile of the poet.

Moving to Uruguay

Excellent resources to get to know the country.

Mundo Latino

Portal to art, culture, business, sports, economy, politics, news, history, weather, religion, tourism and more.


Choose English, Spanish or Portuguese to browse the site offerings, including images, news, country information, weather, tourism and sports.


Resources by country from LANIC.


Countdown to the centenary celebrations of World Football (FIFA) which Uruguayans hope to host.

Uruguay Gambling Casinos

Gaming times, type of gambling games, minimum bets and other facilities for casinos in mulitple locations.


Life in Uruguay by www.latinworld.com.

Virtual Museum of Arts

High tech approach to museum visiting.
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