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Coastal Region of Venezuela

Tourism, attractions, sightseeing, sports and recreation for the coast, beaches and islands of Venezuela.
  1. Isla Margarita (17)
  2. Lake Maracaibo (8)


Araya Peninsula is the site of Venezuela's greatest salt deposits, open to visitors, and the ruins of the castillo, or fort, built to protect them.

Bahia Redonda

A world-class full amenities marina within the "Sea of El Morro".


Background, history and some photos of the first city built on South American soil.


Brief history of the city, photos and tourism info.

Cumaná, Venezuela

Cumaná is the first city founded on South American soil. Founded in 1521 by Gonzalo de Ocampo on the site of a Franciscan mission on Rio Manzanares, Cumaná today is a busy port and the gateway to Isla de Margarita, Cueva del Guacharo, Parque Nacional Mochima, and the Araya Peninsula.

Del Lago Inter-Continental

Maracaibo hotel with many amenities for vacation and business travel.

Eco Voyager

Itineraries and conservation programs to Venezuela's natural and cultural attractions.

Hotel Hesperia - Cumanagoto

In Cumana: hotel information plus photos.

Los Roques National Park

Parque Nacional Los Roques offers superb diving, snorkeling, sailing and swimming in an ecologically preserved area - a favorite destination!

Los Roques National Park

Until the Archipelago Los Roques was created a national park in 1972, the 40 named islands and 200 plus small islands, rocks and keys in the Caribbean were home to fishermen who lived in the only town on Grand Roque, the largest island.

Los Roques

Los Roques es un archipiélago de Venezuela, situado en el Mar Caribe, a 168 Km al norte de La Guaira, el puerto de Caracas. Por su belleza e importancia ecológica, fue declarado parque nacional en 1972.


Courtesy of Lonely Planet.

Morrocoy National Park

Photos and description of this park east of Caracas. Check out the interactive map.


En el estado Falcón, al noroeste de Venezuela, entre las poblaciones de Tucacas y Chichiriviche, se encuentra el parque Nacional Morrocoy.

National Parks and Natural Monuments of Venezuela

Map, description and protected ecosistems and relevant natural features of Venezuela's national parks, many of which are located on or near the coast.

Natoura Adventure Tours

By region with tips and recommendations.

One Man's Guide to Windsurfing

El Yaque Margarita Island Venezuela. Great photos! Be sure to check out the links.

Parque Nacional Mochima and Playa Colorada

Description and photos of the beautiful beach, plus links to related information.

Playa Colorada

En la costa caribeña, entre Puerto La Cruz hacia Cumaná, y dentro del parque nacional Mochima, se encuentra uno de los destinos turísticos más espectaculares de Venezuela: Playa Colorada. Esta playa, es de color dorado, casi rojo, de allí su nombre.

Playa Medina

Photos of this inviting beach.

Playa Medina

Enjoy these photos then click on the links for lodgings in the area and to other locations in Venezuela.

Rancho Negro

Horses and beach camping on Margarita Island.

Samy's Gym and Spa

Keep fit in Maracaibo.

Sesto Continente Dive Resort

Diving services available in the Parque Archipelago Los Roques.

South Caribbean Secrets

Rentals and hideways romantic or otherwise.

Touring Venezuela

12 days from Paris, or other European city, to see The Guayana Plateau, the Gran Sabana, Canaima National Park, Orinoco Delta and Caribbean Sea including Mochima National Park.

Windsurfing at Adicora

Windsurfing map and guide and some great photos of this Caribbean location.
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